Board riding is addictive. Once in your blood, it never leaves. It drives you to push your own boundaries. It gives clarity when everything feels tangled; it makes life vivid when it is in danger of turning it grey.

It challenges you physically and mentally, honing your body and your mind. And whether you are a pro or a beginner, the feeling when you finally nail that trick that’s taken you months to master is the same.

Board riding creates friendships forged in shared experiences that can last a lifetime. It opens doors to explore the world and enables us to immerse ourselves in some of the most spectacular environments and cultures our planet has to offer.

To inspire people of all abilities to pursue the board sports they love, and in turn be inspired.

This is what Embryo Boardriders is about.

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Tread Lightly

We are committed to trying to ensure that we have as good an environmental and social impact as possible…

Social & Environmental Responsibility

We try to ensure that…

  • Our clothing comes from WRAP Certified (http://www.wrapcompliance.org/) sources.
  • Inks are environmentally friendly.
  • Packaging is all made from recycled materials.